List of AI Companies in Manchester

AI Companies in Manchester

Manchester, the UK’s “second city” (but definitely not if you’re from Birmingham) is an exciting place for artificial intelligence businesses - some new, some pivoted.

  The AI sector in the UK as a whole is exciting, with some incredibly exciting, fast growing companies leading the way in terms of raising the UK’s reputation in the AI sector as a whole, helping it to compete with the likes of the USA, India and Germany. And if you ask nicely or check out our AI Jobs listings for Manchester - you might get lucky with your CV and find those companies may well be hiring...

  Here's our list so far of AI companies in Manchester:


AI-driven decision making

Peak AI is probably the most well-known artificial intelligence business in Manchester. The start-up closed a $21 million round of funding for a platform that it says can help enterprises make better AI-based evaluations and decisions. The company typically build AI solutions designed to help retailers, consumer goods companies and manufacturing organizations make better decisions that are based on the best possible data.

  Peak AI was founded in 2014 in Manchester, and is focused most specifically in industries that lead to retail, however it had announced plans to expand. In total, Peak AI raised $43 million to date and is not currently disclosing its valuation. Peak's clients include public and Fortune 500 companies PrettyLittleThing, KFC (YUM!), PepsiCo, Marshalls and Speedy Hire.

Digital Bridge

AI, VR, IoT, 3D...all the letters

DigitalBridge is an award-winning 3D visualisation, computer vision and machine learning company building industry-leading space planning and room visualisation tools for kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms.


Integrating directly into a retailer’s website, they say their work helps reduce the friction that occurs during a kitchen or bathroom design process, accelerates the purchasing cycle and increases conversion.


DigitalBridge simplifies the decision-making process by guiding people to easily create and visualise their dream bathroom or kitchen. The technology guides consumers through the entire process of creating their renewed interior space from design to completion. The now and future of all home design - powered by AI.

Personalyse AI

Accurate, personal demographics

Personalyse AI comprises a team of AI engineers and data scientists who have built a proprietary AI retail marketing platform called Topic DNA. It profiles a customer’s behaviour, personality type and personal preferences ‘non-invasively’. It is thought to deliver the same accuracy as a 60-minute written psychometric test (~80%), only without asking said customer to do a test. This kind of profiling technology takes its cue from persistent web technologies which "follow" customers around the web, only with automation to make judgements and decisions faster.

  They also have software which, in similar fashion to the concept of the ‘social intelligence graph’, uses AI in real-time to detect a customer’s social footprint and social media activity, tying together all the public data with machine learning to create accuracy demography for some of the biggest retailers, marketing agencies and others.


Data analytics and ID specialist

Hello Soda are the folks behind fraud-detection and financial identity software platform, Sodium - used by a number of leading fintech businesses. Sodium was designed and built by a multi-lingual team of ID and data science specialists across the globe. The platform enables organisations to not only add multiple verification/KYC products into one place, but it also cross-references data to perform additional checks.

  This includes information checked from document ID data which is cross-referenced with the dark web to an individual’s social footprint, compared to CRA data. Hello Soda’s tech is ML and AI heavy, with a team comprising leading #datasci talent from across the world. Another company that technically has offices elsewhere (Thailand and US), it does have an office in Manchester, hence the HelloSoda entry in our AI companies in Manchester list.

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