A list of AI companies in London

AI Companies in London

The big smoke, the true financial heart of the UK and the most exciting place to be when it comes to getting an AI job in the UK: yes, it’s London.

  London is huge, fast-paced and packed with world-class things to do, see and experience. We can’t even accept the fact that this list will end up missing out a large number of AI businesses...


And by the time we’ve finished writing (we = human + AI), there will likely be another artificial or data science startup, or two, that are formed somewhere tucked away in the city. So without further ado, here is our list so far of AI Companies in London:

Tell us about your London AI business

Babylon Health

Babylon Health is a health service provider that provides remote consultations with doctors and health care professionals via text and video messaging. They have since expanded internationally to Canada, Rwanda, Saudi Arabia and the United States. Users are able to send questions or photos to the company's team of doctors, nurses, and therapists in a manner similar to a text message.   Alternatively, users can hold video messaging consultations with a clinician to answer questions for common medical topics such as fever, sore throat, allergies, skin irritations, and colds for example. This service also allows users to receive referrals to health specialists, have drug prescriptions mailed to the user.


Discovering new medicines and drugs with AI's help

Want to work for a popular London AI startup? Then work for BenevolentAI. BenevolentAI are redefining drug discovery. They’re uniting technology with human intelligence to re-engineer drug discovery and deliver life-changing medicines. The company has active in-house R&D drug programmes in disease areas such as neurodegeneration, immunology, oncology and inflammation.

  The AI startup, founded in 2013, focuses on using machine learning to help parse medical data to speed up drug discovery. It has so far raised $140m (£109.5m) from investors including Lansdowne Partners and Woodford Investment Management.


Self-driver car racing. F1 meets AI

This is super sexy AI. Right? Roborace was created by Russian serial entrepreneur Denis Sverdlov, he believes that the future of cars is electric. Roborace is the only AI driving competition in the world, featuring both with autonomously driving, electrically powered vehicles, and competing AI driver teams (as opposed to human driver teams). Founded in 2015, it aims to be the first global championship for autonomous cars. Official CEO was 2016–17 Formula E champion, Lucas Di Grassi - handy, as Roborace tested their technology and race formats at FIA Formula E Championship events during 2016-2018.

  The company also offers DevBot, a vehicle platform for brands, organizations, and individuals to test the development of their automated driving systems.


Insurance assessment gets serious with AI

We’re moving into a world of AI insurance for everything - where risk assessments, situation simulations and rule creation can be molded, adapted and applied in real-time. Cytora is an insurtech startup operating an artificial intelligence-powered platform that aims to transform commercial insurance underwriting. The platform is powered by their proprietary AI risk engine. The idea behind this is to massively reduce the costs associated with underwriting, as well as remove the friction of this cost, and of course, the risk itself. Cytora’s AI platform helps ensure that insurance companies can payout and retain the customers more efficiently - of course, that’s not an equivocal sum to make - which improves their expense ratios. This artificial intelligence startup has raised close to $39 million and built a platform that tames and translates big data for underwriters across Europe and Australia, with big plans for growth.


Using AI and ML to beat off financial fraud

Another AI Batman, Quantexa is used by finance businesses to detect fraud and protect assets. The startup uses artificial intelligence models to automatically flag indicators of suspicious activity. One unnamed “tier 1” bank has used the platform to generate 200 million pounds in new revenue and reduce customer prospecting time by 90%.

  The company says its platform’s ability to connect large numbers of disparate data points in a single viewport also lends itself to identifying deal opportunities and identifying new prospects and upselling opportunities. Quantexa has built up an installed base of several thousand users in more than 70 countries since launching in 2016. It plans to expand more globally and extend its platform to additional market segments besides finance.

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