A list of AI companies in Bristol

AI Companies in Bristol

The South West, and Bristol in particular is home to many innovative and diverse businesses. The AI region of activity is centred around the universities and their collective startup incubation centres, which host more than 10,000 technology companies.

  Bristol benefits from an internationally recognised and mature tech ecosystem; which also happens to be the fastest growing part of the region’s economy, with a reported £7.9 billion turnover all the way back in 2017.

  Tech growth right now in Bristol is being driven by emerging clusters in VR, AI and robotics, particularly with the UK-renowned Bristol Robotics Lab.

  Here is a list of AI Companies in Bristol:


UK-made microprocessors for AI computing

Graphcore is a British semiconductor company that develops ‘accelerators’ for AI and machine learning. It aims to make a massively parallel Intelligence Processing Unit (IPU) that holds the complete machine learning model inside the processor.

  The IPU is multicore in design and focuses on low-precision arithmetic or in-memory computing, both of which can boost the performance of large AI algorithms. Long understood to be a forthcoming ‘UK Tech Unicorn’ - Graphcore AI aims for hardware to help the whole artificial intelligence industry faster engender state-of-the-art results in natural language processing, computer vision, and other domains.


Going Wireless With Your Headphones

ExScientia is an Artificial Intelligence (AI)-driven pharmatech company and scale-up, committed to discovering and designing the best possible medicines in the fastest and most effective manner, using AI. The company is the first company to progress AI-designed and ‘discovered’ small molecules into clinical settings, and has repeatedly demonstrated the ability of AI to transform how drugs are created. The idea is that designing better drugs, faster, will allow the best ideas of science to rapidly become the best medicines for patients. ExScientia has built dedicated AI systems that efficiently learn from the widest range of data and consistently re-apply enhanced knowledge through iterative product design.


Tesla, Bristol style

FiveAI is Bristol’s answer to the AI work happening at Tesla, an exciting startup focused on developing autonomous vehicle software to drive vehicles (without the need for a human behind the wheel). Its software uses multiple sensors around the vehicle to predict, plan and navigate all kinds of urban, European environments. The company aims to enable users to get benefits such as increased safety, reduced congestion, shorter journey times and cleaner air. FiveAI is a company that develops a range of autonomous vehicles that can be driven by a driver without a need for human intervention. It is based in the UK and aims to use the technology to improve air quality and reduce congestion.


fka HomeLync AI, but just as good

Originally Homelync, a spin-out from the Bristol Robotics Laboratory, HomeLINK integrates and analyses sensor data to help landlords take a scalable and future-proofed approach to their IoT strategy. Through an analytics portal, a resident app and APIs that link (or homelink….) to existing IT systems, this Bristolian AI company provides landlords and their residents with actionable insights. The platform helps to reduce costs, improve customer services and solve some of society’s most pressing challenges including fuel poverty, health and social care, CO2 emissions and water waste. It also helps landlords reduce their tenant service costs and helps improve their tracking and customer service.

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